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Green Fuz Fuz Gun Canvas Longboard Bag
Green Fuz Fuzgun Canvas Longboard Bag Detail
Green Fuz Fuzgun Canvas Longboard Bag Back
Green Fuz Fuzgun Canvas Longboard Bag Fin Slot

The Green Fuz Fuzgun Board Bag is an all canvas longboard bag with a Brown Nose, Stripe Mid & Black Tail. Every Good Boy Deserves Fuz!

Construction: Green Fuz uses premium USA made cotton canvas that keeps your board protected, while offering a friendly feel. We line the deck of the bag with water repellent nylon cloth, similar to a quality padded board bag. This prevents wax from melting into the bag & makes it easier to get your board in & out, especially when wet. Think of your Green Fuz bag as a functional board sock.

  • Outer: 10oz Cotton Canvas Duck
  • Liner: 200 Denier Water Repellent Nylon
  • Patch: Screen Printed Canvas Patch
  • Drawcord: Polyurethane Waterproof Cord
  • Hardware: Plastic Anti-Rust Clasp
  • Made in the USA

Sizing: Board bags are 3-4” longer than the listed size and are plenty wide to fit higher volume boards. See Size Chart for details.

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