All Denim Boardbag

All Denim Boardbag

The All Denim Boardbag, made by special request for our friend Tanner Prairie. Tanner wanted something that showed wear over time and held up, similar to a denim wallet he carries with him. We know that he rides heavier logs so we wanted it to be durable and thought this thicker raw denim was the right fit. Over time this bag should be looking like your favorite pair of 501's! Here it is photographed with a new addition to the Green Fuz quiver, a custom Tanner Surfboards 9'6 Arrow.

Green Fuz Denim 9'8 boardbag

Denim Tail panel detail with red stitched top seam & denim fin slot, pivot away!

Tanner Surfboards 9'6 Arrow. Fine Surfboard Craftsmanship.

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