Canvas Bag Release: 9/1/2019

Canvas Bag Release: 9/1/2019

This just in from the Green Fuz factory, a new run of canvas board bags... this batch includes a re-fresh of our Army bag in all sizes (5'6-11'0), plus 3 new colorways, the Fuzwar, Superchunk & Supernova Bags. As always these bags are handmade locally here in Southern California. We use a durable soft organic cotton outer shell & sew in a nylon deck liner to prevent wax from absorbing into your bag. Bags 9'0-11'0 include a fin slot. Give them a look & thanks to everyone who's been patiently waiting!

Green Fuz Canvas Board Bags

Green Fuz Army Canvas Board Bag

Army: Available in 5'6-8'6 & 9'0-11'0

Green FUz Fuzwar Canvas Board Bag

Fuzwar: Available in 5'6-8'6 & 9'0-11'0

Green Fuz Superchunk Canvas Board Bag

Superchunk: Available in 5'6-8'6 & 9'0-11'0

Supernova: Available in 5'6-8'6 & 9'0-11'0


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