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Green Fuz makes handmade board bags for all types of wave sliding machines… longboards, funboards, mini simmons, shortboards, fishes, eggs, pills and so on. We use durable natural canvas and denim materials and make them in our home town of San Clemente, CA.

Daydream Surf Club

We’ve teamed up with our pals at Daydream Surf Shop to include a complementary Green Fuz bag with any Surf Club board rental. Daydream has soo many rad boards in their surf club quiver, we’re honored to help preserve these boards which in turn allow more members to enjoy them that much longer. If you’re in the Newport area give Daydream Surf Shop a visit and test one out!


Day Trippers // Pendelton Series

Day Trippers

Introducing our latest run of padded travel/day board bags…  the Pendelton Day Tripper. We paired our signature stripe canvas over an olive shell using the best polyester materials to ensure your bag lasts and your surfboard stays safe. These bags are made with .25″ foam padding, a white nylon interior, durable rubber handles and plastic zippers to prevent rust. We made these bags with some friends based out of Costa Mesa, CA.

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Slowtide // Green Fuz

We’re proud to introduce the Slowtide board bag series. These bags are made with durable 100% cotton canvas, lined with a nylon deck liner & paired with select Slowtide towels.  Each bag is made to order and takes about 3-4 weeks to ship.  The bags come in multiple styles and sizes ranging from 5’6- 10’0 and are available for a limited time on Green-Fuz.com and at Icons of Surf.

*Lifestyle photos by Victoria Smith.

Slowtide Dahlia Board Bag //

This bag incorporates the Dahlia towel into our Cell Block design, we paired it with natural canvas on the top & used black & natural canvas for the bottom. The deck of the bag is lined with nylon liner, comes with a polyester draw cord & Green Fuz patch.

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Slowtide Lover Board Bag //

For this bag we used most of the Lover towel for the main section of the top of the bag, paired it with black canvas on the tail & used stripes for the entire bottom, with a small red stripe towards the tail. The deck of the bag is lined with nylon liner, comes with a polyester draw cord & Green Fuz patch.

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Slowtide Barro Board Bag //

The Barro bag is made only as a longboard bag and uses two sections of the Barro towel as stripes on the front & backside of the bag and is paired with Brown canvas. The deck of the bag is lined with nylon liner, it has a fin slot and comes with a polyester draw cord & Green Fuz patch.

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Slowtide Indigo Sun Board Bag //

This bag uses the Indigo Sun towel as a mid panel on the deck of the bag, natural canvas on the back side & is paired with Navy canvas on nose & tail. Board Bags from 9’0 – 10’0 come with a Indigo Sun towel fin slot! The deck of the bag is lined with nylon liner, it comes with a polyester draw cord & Green Fuz patch.

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Slowtide // Green Fuz

About Slowtide: Inspired by all bodies of water and our love for art, Slowtide is a collaboration of three friends who wanted to convey their lifestyle through unique products. We’ve dyed fabrics, mixed paints, manipulated pixels, collaborated with artists and photographers to create Slowtide. Based in Hawaii and California, Slowtide is a melting pot of the minds and ties together our sentiment for the water and art.

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The Slowtide Experiment

We got a chance to make some board bags for the guys at Slowtide using some of their towels as panels. Here’s the first run we did… from left to right we have the Barro, Moblow (art by Mark Oblow) and Five-O (photo by Bryce Johnson). The guys were super stoked and we’re currently planning a collab… available online soon!


Mini Egg One Off

We’ve done alot of custom bags but this is a first… 3’11” canvas board bag with fin slot for Grom King out of Costa Mesa for his Greek paipos / kneeboard!


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